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Top level Internet domains: AR-related big city domains for sale

AR für Hamburg - AR domain for Hamburg
AR and HH

AR domain for HH-Hamburg international. Airport. Argentina, Arkansas, Head hunters. Augmented Reality.
AR domain for London

The Experience
See it, feel it, live it
Discover the only place in London where you can experience a real Martian invasion.
Our unique mix of live action, multisensory  effects and virtual reality bring your Martian adventure to life – all  set to Jeff Wayne’s iconic score.
Make lasting memories with friends, family and  colleagues as you journey through 24 interactive scenes in a  breathtaking 1 hour 50 minute experience.

source: https://thewaroftheworldsimmersive.com/the-experience, 4/30/23

Augmented Reality
Outdoor City Experience

Try the latest augmented reality outdoor escape game
experience with one of the leading immersive entertainment                             

source: https://aimescape.com/ar , 4/30/23

Augmented Reality Art Gallery 2021

Bringing  a new way of seeing art, and a new way of experiencing an art  exhibition, get ready to explore art beyond gallery walls, featuring  works from London’s leading institutions and Sky Arts Portrait Artist of  the Year.

source: https://artoflondon.co.uk/events/augmented-reality-art-gallery , 4/30/23

London History AR

London History AR App offers the chance for you to view the  city of London from a historical perspective. Install the app and scan  the London AR marker to access our Augmented Reality timeline of  London’s history.

source: https://octagon.studio/portfolio/london-history-ar/ , 4/30/23

AR domain for New York - The people of New York want their AR
AR domain for Berlin - I am a Berliner
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